Designer of the fine jewellery brand “Virtuti” founded in 2010.

Prior to designing her own jewellery, Katerina spent 10 years with some of the best International Jewellery Brands such as Van Cleef and Arpels and Bulgari.

Having previously studied art history in St Petersburg and being inspired by the Hermitage Old Master portraits collections of noble ladies’ fine clothes and jewellery, they later became the inspiration for her creating her own pieces.

As an Art Historian she was continually exploring the wonderful heritage and craftsmanship of some of the finest Jewellery the World has ever seen.

Katerina had a burning ambition which was dormant inside her and she finally found a channel for expressing her creativity. This happened almost overnight, when she woke up one day and started creating. She is still getting most of her designs in her dreams.

In preparation for developing her own collections she studied in the London Gemmological Institute of America to become both a Designer and a Gemmologist. She learned the art of jewellery making from the internationally recognised jeweller Manuel Carrera in Madrid.

Now, with the tools to match the passion, Katerina has been able to create “Virtuti” (which means in Latin: the best qualities and virtue in one personality), specialising in Bespoke and High Jewellery.