Transformable Jewellery

Prior to creating her own Brand, Katerina spent 10 years with some of the most successful Jewellery Companies in the world and got a valuable insight into Women’s preferences and wishes when it comes to wearing fine jewellery. She has discovered that Women fall in love with their favourite jewellery pieces and it makes them sad that after wearing them once or twice their fate is to sit tucked away in a jewellery box or a safe. This has given Katerina a unique idea to create jewellery pieces which can transform to be worn in different ways depending on occasion and the wearer’s mood.

The Firework Collection ring can transform into a brooch or become part of a necklace. Royal Collection pieces can be bought with different vibrant precious stones interchangeable inserts. Tanzanite star earrings can turn from statement studs into strikingly gracious evening drop earrings.

Gone are the days when designer dictated how the jewellery should be worn. A modern woman wants to express her own individuality and always look her best in the many roles she takes on in the fast paced world of today. Virtuti Jewellery is created with timeless classic elegance and modern living in mind giving the wearer the power of choice.

Discover Virtuti transformations for yourself.