Ballerina Earrings

18K White Gold, Amethyst, Morganite, White Diamond.



Ballet is one of the main inspirations for me. Refinement, graceful lines, elegance reminds me of jewellery craftsmanship. An opportunity to convey a vivid variety of emotions through dance is fascinating. Immerse yourself in a magic harmony of music and dance, you find yourself in the unique world of the sublime. Ballerina Earrings – the first in this collection. Here is my idea – to convey lightness, airiness, grace of forms and the basic attributes of a ballerina: tutu and pointe shoes, made of amethyst, gold bow on pointe. Flick of the wrist, these elegant earrings are transformed into a delicate flower: the lower part of the earrings is detachable, allowing them to wear in the shortened version. My wish to the lucky possessor of these earrings is to feel light and graceful as a ballerina.